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The Challenge

To celebrate the launch of Zalando’s second sustainable capsule collection, Smarts Agency partnered with Brave Spark to create a virtual #ZalandoGreenHouse.

In 2019 Zalando launched its Do.More strategy; a long-term vision to be a sustainable fashion platform, making it easier for customers to spot and shop sustainable fashion. This year, as part of their ongoing commitment to sustainable practices and influences, Zalando's sustainable collection collaborated with 8 European brands, to produce an exclusive capsule of 116 autumn/winter 2020 pieces, putting the spotlight on sustainable fashion.

In light of the global pandemic, Zalando wasn't able to host a physical pop-up event to showcase the collection, so Brave Spark joined forces with Smarts Agency to devise a way for them to celebrate the launch and bring the collection to life through an immersive digital experience. The campaign needed to amplify the Zalando designer range, by creating a virtual environment to experience the collection while educating customers on sustainable styles.

The Idea

Smarts Agency worked closely with Brave Spark to create #ZalandoGreenHouse; a 3D virtual experience, incorporating immersive audio and interactive hotspots, bringing the collection to your fingertips across mobile and desktop.

The role of the #ZalandoGreenHouse was to create a social-first concept that could showcase the new capsule collections, build hype around the launch, and initiate a conversation on sustainable fashion.

The designer brands would be at the heart of the activation - with quotes, voice recordings and interiors all matched to their capsule collection items. Macro influencers from the industry would also create and share content to showcase the collections and grab the attention of the target audience.

3D Immersive Experience

Brave Spark designed and built the fully immersive 3D virtual Greenhouse, by rendering a photorealistic 360 environment that would host the 8 featured designer exhibitions. Smarts agency and the Brave Spark design team worked closely to design 8 individual brand areas, with interactive features that the audience could explore. The 3D VFX scene was built against the design and photosphere, before being implemented in website development.

Housed within the immersive 3D scene, are 8 designer brand areas with hotspots to interact with a selection of pop-ups that reveal a bio of the designer, a key quote from the designer revealing detail on the sustainable collection, a gallery of garments from the collection, and shots of key influencer styling the capsule items.

Brave Spark integrated a bespoke UI spotlighting each designer upon interacting with the corresponding hotspot, featuring images and copy. The experience encourages the user to view the wider collection at Zalando.com, once they have explored the greenhouse and has been designed with a dedicated URL for each designer that can be shared or embedded on partner channels.

The Big Launch

In addition to the 3D virtual experience, Brave Spark also delivered various social assets including 15s and 60s video teasers, and stills that would be used across co-branded display and social media to help tease the campaign and promote the execution. The assets would also be shared via influencers channels as part of the partnership

The execution will be promoted across Zalando’s owned social channels including Instagram and TikTok, alongside a supporting partnership with Vogue, run across all social media, editorial and display, heightening reach and directly targeting the audience.

[https://www.zalandogreenhouse.com/] (https://www.zalandogreenhouse.com/)

[https://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/bc/zalando-greenhouse-2020] (https://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/bc/zalando-greenhouse-2020)

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