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Brave Spark pair up with Xero to deliver their television debut

As Xero's first foray into UK television, Brave Spark's mission was to deliver a piece of content that was both bold and brave, stood out from the crowd, and clearly defined Xero amongst its competitors.

"Moments of reality where unexpected things happen"

Our aim was to target small & medium business owners aged 45 plus, raising awareness for Xero and opening the funnel to consideration and conversion in the light of tax returns going digital.

Throughout the development process we were mindful of building on the ‘unexpected moments' framework, used in Xero's previous global OOH, digital and print executions.

“Xero takes care of the mundane tasks of business, so you have more time to spend on what you love”

Travelling to Johannesburg, South Africa, we took to the road to bring our creative to life, aiming to capture the final shot at golden hour. Our vision was simple, a business owner and his two colleagues, changing a tyre on a car as it soars down a road on two wheels. We saw this as a perfect metaphor for how difficult it is to run a business, as well as a celebration of the challenges business owners overcome every day.

Enlisting the expertise of a professional stunt team, the shot was captured in one take using a Freedom Arm, the only rig of its kind in South Africa. This rather impressive piece of kit came with its own specialist operators and determined the shoot dates due to its limited availability.

The shoot was followed by extensive VFX work, navigated intricately to remove all remnants of the rig, tow vehicle, support vehicle, and all road & power lines – a mammoth task in itself. This transition was captured on a BTS film to enable our audience to get a taste of the extent of the work involved.

Finishing touches came in the form of the brilliant Peter Capaldi as our voice over artist, providing another layer of gravitas and high production value to the final edit. The music used was Jungle ‘Time', a piece we felt captured the positive spirit of the ad.

The finished Ad led a full through-the-line campaign that spanned across digital and print. The 30” Ad is on air from 22nd April 2019, with a tactical 10” cut down on air from June 2019.

Check out Brave Spark's BTS exclusive:

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