Swap TAX Time, For Me Time





Michael Ferns

In these short social films, Brave Spark built on the Xero message: ‘Swapping tax time, for me time'. The goal was to enforce the idea that by doing your accounting digitally, customers have more time to do the things they really want to do!

Directed by BAFTA award-winning director Michael Ferns, our aim was to address ‘accounting' as a barrier between business owners and their loved ones, and illustrate how this barrier could be smashed. Respective split screen frames dramatically interact with one another through an array of cross-border special effects. Fuelled further by intricately tailored art direction, a narrow colour palette and lighting, the result was a heightened aesthetic, dynamically drawing the viewer's attention to the Xero blue.

Director of Photography, David Pimm imposed this aesthetic further, generating a bespoke lighting scheme to provoke a high-end sheen, while still retaining a contrast and crunchiness to the shadows. We shot the films in 16:9 and 9:16 to account for the video's eventual execution on Facebook and YouTube as split screen. For a final polish, Frame Store worked their magic on the grade, fine-tuning that curated colour palette and lighting scheme.

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