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During the Money in Safe Hands shoot for WorldRemit in South Africa, we set time aside in the schedule to capture a series of stills to extend this campaign to PRINT, OOH and DM.

Working closely with a Designer to finesse layouts and a Copywriter to finalise each tagline; each still was incorporated to exist boldly on each platform.

At this point, our Head of Development realised we could extend this even further, whilst putting the power back into our client’s hands.

‘The Machine’ was born!

What is this wizardry? We hear you cry. Well, The Machine is Brave Spark’s very own interactive and extremely simple-to-use, ad-maker. Utilising this mechanism; WorldRemit were able to upload images and type in copy, to enable The Machine to make up the ad. The end results extend to static ads for print, or dynamically moveable ads for online use.

Pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves.

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