January Access Day 2019







As part of their continued partnership with Arsenal Football Club, WorldRemit challenged Brave Spark to develop a series of engaging, dynamic activities for AFC's Alexandre Lacazette, Shkodran Mustafi and Alex Iwobi. While our first job was to engage and entertain, each activity had to highlight the scale of countries that WorldRemit operates in.

What we did...

With only 30 minutes to film with the players, the activities were meticulously planned. First up, a WorldRemit Darts Championship with a twist. Instead of a traditional darts board, the players were aiming for WorldRemit's key send & receiver counties, highlighted on a map of the world. Three rounds, four countries to hit per round, one opportunity per player to hit each country. Easy!

Next up, we put our players' knowledge to the test in WorldRemit Lost in Translation. The players were tasked with guessing the true meaning of well-known phrases from some of WorldRemit's key receiver markets, including Ghana, Kenya & Zimbabwe - buzz in first to win the points.

The result was a series of short films that were shared on WorldRemit's social platforms, as well as Instagram stories that created intrigue and linked to the hero content. Fun, compelling, educational. All in 30 minutes work.

Watch this space for the next videos in the series.

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