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Bold palettes, authentic voices, this is how we launched WeShop.

Emerging shopping social platform, WeShop enlisted Brave Spark’s expertise on their most recent campaign – launching the brand to market with a series of bold social videos, captivating stills, and a complete overhaul of their brand guidelines. Our central objective was to outline the key benefits of WeShop and drive brand awareness.

Prior to the production of the videos,  Brave Spark took on the role of re-branding all assets and marketing collateral, to modernise the brand and give it  a new voice. This involved updating brand guidelines, reinventing the brand logo and accompanying assets, as well as a re-skin on the website and landing page.

The key to the campaign was to promote authenticity and real people – a brief we loved. With this in mind, our approach from the offset was a campaign in which the shots appeared candid and promoted diversity. No glossy Instagram filters for us, no thank you.

This is how we nailed a launch campaign…

Throughout, we focused on addressing two core audiences - those looking for inspiration, and those looking to inspire others.

And so, we pinned down our strategy. Brave Spark needed to create a need that WeShop could fulfil. From this, came our ‘This is how’ prefix. A consistent format that WeShop could own, Brave Spark was able to develop an asset that could be adaptable to any requirement.

Next, we set to work creating a range of brand and digital assets that could be adapted in line with WeShop’s social calendar, adding a series of adaptable product explainer videos for good measure, as well as 30 shiny stills for WeShop’s social channels. All assets demonstrated the key benefits of WeShop for each audience, clearly defining WeShop’s bespoke offering. Our goal? To increase sign-ups and awareness of WeShop.

The result of our collaboration was, 3 x 30” hero films that focussed on: and overall brand introduction,  as well as fashion and product categories. Further the 3 x15” films focussed on WeShop’s three key propositions: Shop, Share and Discover. A bundle of backflips and a few confetti canons later, and we were done.

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