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The Godfather is the second in the series of movie spoofs we made for the brand WeBuyAnyHome.

Featuring movie trailer-style voice overs, the campaign reimagines iconic film scenes as scenarios where the lead character needs to move house quick-sharp. And that's where  WeBuyAnyHome comes in.

In our Godfather spoof, director Barry Kimber transports Don Corleone to the British suburbs. When an innocent family moves in next door and their football goes over the neighbour's fence, they find themselves in the midst of a (tongue-in-cheek) blood feud.

Cast, location, lighting and camera moves were key to creating a recognisable Godfather scenario - character actors were brought in, venetian blinds were hung and a moody atmosphere was created by the lighting team. Character actor Christos Toleros nails the Marlon Brando role, while details such as a horse head statue nod to the original film.

The costume department dialled up the comedy value, putting the father and son in un-redeeming checks and shorts against the sharp suits (and low-rent velvet slippers) of the mafia Don.

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