The Challenge

With 150 years of cheesemaking excellence, Seriously were ready to spread their way onto VOD with some new films! With an ambition to showcase the Seriously Cheddar range, Brave Spark teamed up with Initials to celebrate the unbeatable flavour of the Seriously range and their distinct Scottish heritage.

Brave Spark are used to venturing to some weird and wonderful places to help clients tell their stories. Even if that means going to the very back of the fridge in search of a seriously sage Scottish cheesemonger.

The Idea

The creative idea was to show two worlds colliding - when an ordinary lunchtime setting meets a Seriously charming commander-in-cheese living inside the fridge. Placing the extraordinary amongst the otherwise ordinary helped accentuate the playful nature of the brand and what makes it unique. Our shared ambition was to create a series of Seriously VOD ads that felt charming, unexpected and as wholesome as the cheese!

In an everyday setting in a typical kitchen lay’s a gateway to a truly unique cheese experience in each film. Opening the fridge, each hungry visitor is greeted to a cheesy surprise as the contents of the fridge vanish to make space for the extraordinary world of Seriously cheese.

With cheesy options stacked as high as the eye can see, each visitor to the fridge is greeted by a sage Scottish cheesemonger who appears to be living inside the fridge offering up some tasty cheese delights!

Beyond the commander-in-cheese, we wanted the audience to experience how Seriously good this cheese is by bringing it to life with a blend of the playful camera movements, VFX and vibrant art direction. Dropping the lights in the kitchen and a series of close-up shots add to the drama of the moment the double doors of the fridge open to an extraordinary world of Seriously.

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