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Are you Serious about Cheddar?

We certainly were when we worked with Initals to create a series of idents for Seriously Cheese, a part of their year-long sponsorship with Channel 4's Come Dine With Me.

The objective? To raise awareness of the brand among key audiences.

All in all, we created 16 idents, with different creative under the CTA: Seriously sponsors Taste Triumphs on Come Dine With Me.

Each ident identified recipe ideas, placing the product into a dinner party scenario. The edits were then cut using real time and slow motion footage, showing friends preparing for various dinner parties, each ident boasting a unique comedic taste triumph.

Our hero shot in each ident shows the host character experience a euphoric and expressive slow motion reaction to tasting the cheese for the first time.

The indents aired at the start and at the end of each episode, and either side of each ad-breaks, to keep Seriously Cheese at the forefront of the viewers' mind - where it belongs!

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