A Taste of France






Niall Downing

The Challenge

President is one of Europe’s finest producers of cheese and to showcase their Cremes de Queijo range, Brave Spark were briefed to create a 20s TV ad highlighting the different ways people enjoy the delicious cheese spreads.

Working with Lactalis Portugal, Brave Spark was tasked with transporting a continental audience through Paris, showcasing a typical day in the city and capturing the enjoyment of the spreads on a warm summer's afternoon.

The Idea

This was no easy feat, when filming was taking place in the height of a national lockdown, in winter, and in Islington not Paris (unfortunately!) but Brave Spark embraced the challenge.

Enlisting the skills of Niall Downing as director and Full on TV, we designed and built a full VFX Parisian set without needing to step foot on the Eurostar. This allowed us to envision three authentic Parisian scenes including a couple enjoying goats cheese outside a beautiful French café, a group of friends in their apartment enjoying a snack of Brie and an artist cheekily painting a pot of tasty Camembert rather than her adorning life model.

Using a mixture of matte painting and 3D VFX, we were able to seamlessly travel from one scene to the next, zooming through the windows of the building to give the viewer a sneak peek into various different delicious moments being enjoyed with the Cremes de Queijo spreads front and centre. Before ending with a rooftop view over one of the most iconic cities in the world.

The Result

In just under 8 weeks, Paris had come to life on our screens and we were now able to transport the target audience through a 20” journey of cheese, laughter and delectable visual effects. The film is due to run in Portugal on TV over the course of Spring and Summer 2021.

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