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An interactive, virtual fusion for Pepsi and UEFA

How did Brave Spark give Pepsi's fan base event for the UEFA cup an edge, and place their fans at the forefront of the occasion?

We partnered with Initials to bring them a fully-immersive, social and experiential extravaganza, all under one roof.

But how to start?

Well, we kicked it off with a slick VR experience to immerse fans into this virtual world, transporting them directly into the headspace of being prepped for the match of their lives. Shot through the POV of a football player, we took our users directly to the locker room bench, plunging them directly into those vital final moments before the big game. Enter the coach, pepping his team up with a team talk!

This gave us an excellent device to move seamlessly into the next stage of the experience. Pep talk complete, energy at an all-time high, our coach instructed players to remove their headsets, only to discover him standing before them in real life. Surprise! Leading each of the four players through a sensory tunnel, fully equipped with grass-scented aromas and the audio of crowds stamping their feet, we aimed to bring the entrance tunnel with spectators sat excitedly above it, to life.

Onto the next stage!

At the end of the tunnel, from two sliding doors, players were greeted by a fully-functional, interactive football game. Our players were able to test ball skills against a moving, LED wall, a fusion of real-life and machine, our favourite.

So how to build a robot wall?

Well, we constructed two separate builds in a studio in Nottingham, an LED wall, and a crowd wall. We filmed content of the crowd cheering in three different stages, enabling our wall to exhibit a bespoke crowd cheer perfectly tailored to individual players' fancy footwork on the day.

Not content to leave it there, we brought fans a touch screen photo booth, to capture the event fully, decorate their photos in Pepsi and UEFA imagery and share their creations across Pepsi's social platforms.

A fully-immersive experience, to plunge fans into a virtual world and keep them on their toes.

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