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Brave Spark custom builds an aeroplane to capture that holiday feeling, for Monarch.

In an artistic reference from György Pálfi's Hungarian-Austrian surrealist film, ‘Taxidermia', Creative Director Patrick Killingbeck decided that to properly recreate that ‘holiday feeling' for Monarch Airlines, we simply needed a camera that passed through floorboards! What?!

And so that's what Brave Spark set about creating. Utilising custom, motion-control technology, we shipped a giant rig unit to Spain – so giant that it took out a number of floorboards in the process.

Over a number of test days, our Producer and Director intricately pre-programmed and tested each motion-control movement, to ensure the unwavering precision and consistency of each moment, all to be completed within six seconds. Simple, right? The result is that seamless journey between each scene, each destination and each location.

But we weren't done yet! Ho no.

Our shoot wasn't complete without a custom-built plane, complete with Monarch seats, carpets, curtains and real staff. We don't do things by halves.

Monarch's messaging to its customers was one of its dynamic holiday offerings, and locating that unique 'Holiday Feeling'. Brave Spark set ourselves the mission to capture this in the most creative way possible, combining glossy visuals, arresting camera techniques and inspirational locations.

Add to this a smattering of visual effects, all created masterfully in-house, and there you have it – a sunshine-packed, holiday feeling for Monarch.

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