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Brave Spark were approached by Monarch Airlines with a unique mission - transport travel films to the next level by immersing viewers into the experience, whilst promoting Monarch's new destinations.

Our Interactive team took the reins, designing a bespoke microsite and user journey to promote Monarch's new flight routes to Porto, Zagreb & Stockholm. This digital hub would host cutting-edge, moving 360 videos (as well as statics), to completely immerse the user within each destination, and enable them to travel seamlessly from one destination to the next.

But where to start?

After in-depth research into each destination, differing, of course, for moving and static experiences, our team undertook extensive testing of the 360-camera equipment and editing techniques. This extended to how best to attach equipment to cars, boats and segways, as well as the optimum lighting conditions for the most effective end-result. It was also vital to develop a technique that would enable us to stitch all collated footage together seamlessly.

The next step was to set up back-to-back foreign shoots across Porto, Stockholm & Zagreb. Phew! Multiple permits and a huge number of permissions later, we were able to capture more videos than we actually required, in case we stumbled upon any hidden gems. Not just pretty faces my friends!

To Porto, where we cruised around the mountains of the wine region in a convertible, before heading straight up the mountains in open-backed trucks. On to the city, where we captured the streetlife around the bustling medieval riverside, the vistas and beautiful architecture. Off we hopped to our next stop, Zagreb, which we took by storm on segways (what else?) in order to achieve fluid, moving shots. All this, before road-tripping to the Plitvice Lakes to capture this area of outstanding natural beauty in all its icy glory. Finally, we stopped off in Stockholm to capture the city's quirky art scene, adorning the walls of its colourful underground stations.

Each shoot involved 4am starts to capture sunrises, plus extensive periods of huddling together in the freezing cold whilst we captured time-lapses. Good thing we like each other!

Brave Spark's greatest challenge on this shoot was how to keep the cameras safe, achieve each of the shots we wanted, and avoid inadvertently giving ourselves starring roles in the films. This being the case, we spent large durations of each shoot hiding around corners in the cold, and crouching out of sight underneath the cameras. Keeping the team size small ensured we were able to remain agile, and were able to keep our costs down throughout.

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