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Financial software company, MISYS, has changed the lives of a whole generation of shoemakers in India, overhauling an 800-year old legacy, whilst staying true to the community's age-old values.

Brave Spark joined MISYS to tell this story, flying to Mumbai to meet our local Indian crew, before travelling inland to Anthari to capture the diverse face of these communities in action.

Built around a series of personal stories in a docu-style, photographic portrait, our intention was to highlight the message that India's traditional businesses are run by these people, their legacy and their stories.

Intricate research was a key part of this process. Pinning down a group of artisan shoemakers is no mean feat in a country as large as India. After extensive research, we came across Desi Hangover, a small start-up of three Indian students with a dynamic backstory. Their ambition? To create traditional Indian footwear, and take it to the rest of the world.

And so, we met them in their workshop and began filming, interviewing them all the while to capture their story and create a script to propel the piece with warmth, honesty and a human face. Desi Hangover introduced us to the artisan community they work alongside – groups of families who weave each shoe by hand, before transporting them to the Mumbai workshop.

Brave Spark captured this entire process to create three, story-led, social films for MISYS.

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