Brave Spark build a Rube Goldberg Machine

Brave Spark ambitiously worked with Microsoft to produce a short film featuring a self -built, Rube Goldberg machine to promote their new Intellimouse, aimed at gamers.

Enlisting magic model maker Alex Berchert to build the machine, Brave Spark produced and directed the shoot inside The Biscuit Factory in London.

The machine reminisced on the evolution of gaming, beginning in 2003 with the original Intellimouse and bringing the viewer on a journey with hidden gaming and pop culture easter eggs along the way. After finally reaching the present day, entering a doorway lined with Microsoft Surfaces, showcasing the latest PC games – we enter darkness and then fade up to reveal the new Intellimouse in 2018 – a classic, reborn.

Contraptions included everything from cascading disks, a Helter Skelter ramp, an Age of Empires Castle and a cannon that was set alight to initiate the finale which included a bowling ball release, carefully tested to hit three trampolines finally landing on a target placed above a drum showing the Microsoft logo.

Shot in a 5000 square foot warehouse by a single Steadicam shot, that would capture it all by relying on physics and a bit of luck, with a couple of false starts.

After the 31st take the shot was pulled off.

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