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Thomas & Friends enlist the help of two one-year-olds to shout about their latest epic Thomas track.

Thomas & Friends', Railway Pals 'Destination Discovery' is a train set with a difference. It encourages development in toddlers; from language skills, to motor skills and imagination. But how to shout about these product benefits when the stars of the film have a combined age of two years? We write the script for them of course!

Using humorous subtitles, written with a dry honesty to immediately contrast with our one year-old protagonists, we clearly highlighted the product features and benefits to showcase to audiences exactly how exciting 'Destination Discovery' is, all the while letting the kids do what they do best - play!

With a piece depending solely on the subtle reactions of toddlers, our crew worked tirelessly to achieve the killer energetic, knowing reactions the film managest to capture; a game of patience, lots of hand-clapping and blowing raspberries.

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