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Thomas & Friends bring the magic of friendship to life; travelling from childhood, through to adolescence and parenthood.

That very first friendship can be the one that lasts a lifetime, and with Thomas along for the journey, the magic is passed down from generation to generation. And that’s exactly the story Brave Spark set about to tell.

Our first aim was to communicate an updated brand positioning, infusing friendship into the process of play. Our second was to create an emotional connection with today’s millennial parents; creating a warm, engaging piece of content to capture the nostalgia of childhood friendships that continue into adulthood. Lastly, we wanted to highlight how Thomas & Friends are a staple for all friendships – whatever the age.

With twenty two cast members to shoot across seven timeframes; we set about creating a portrait of our two main characters across the decades, from 1988 to 2017; travelling from childhood, through to adolescence and parenthood.

Using just one location, a large townhouse in East London, we worked to maximise the area to its full ability. A huge advantage of this was the factor of time. We were able to utilise a large private garden outside the front of the property; artfully re-designing this to create a Sports Day scene, complete with parents cheering, competitors and banners.

With seven scenes to shoot over the space of one and a half shoot days, we were faced with the added challenge of ensuring each separate scene was distinctly dressed to resemble a particular time in history.

Our brilliant Art Department masterfully loaded and finessed all props the evening before, to ensure the shoot ran like clockwork on the day.

The end result was an emotive video for Facebook and YouTube channels.

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