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Galloping through enchanted forests with Barbie DreamHorse.

To launch the newest addition of the Dream World line, Barbie and her interactive DreamHorse, Brave Spark developed an engaging, multi-tiered social campaign for Barbie. Our distinct point of difference was an interactive, personalised microsite aimed at Barbie's key audience demographic, 10-year-old girls.

The campaign came to life in an emotive social video that delved into the imagination of Becky, our star.

Ever wondered what goes on in a 10-year old's imagination? Look no further.

The film captured Becky on an epic adventure with her dazzling white DreamHorse, galloping through the woodlands of her imagination.

Through creative storytelling and the use of our snowy white stallion, we brought the toy's product features to life in the most convincing way possible - with a real-life pony of course!

So how does one create that sense of pace and adventure, while avoiding the use of a tracking vehicle that might spook our leading horse? We get our DOP to shoot on a nimble Osmo Pro, and instruct them to run as fast as their legs can carry them alongside said horse, obviously. Phew!

Two cut-downs of the hero film, one tailored to mothers, the other to girls, enabled us to address multiple audiences with clarity. Brave Spark then built upon this further with three bespoke product-feature films, leaving audiences in no doubt of what to expect from their new DreamHorse toy.

But we still weren't satisfied. Brave Spark wanted to give audiences the opportunity to go on their very own DreamHorse adventure. What better way to do this than with a stand-alone, interactive microsite, enabling users to lead their own narrative through the DreamHorse forest.

Due to the initial success of the campaign, the video is currently being rolled out across EMEA markets and translated into numerous languages.

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