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A journey into the launch of the new Azuma, with LNER.

When LNER informed us that they were preparing to launch a highly anticipated new fleet of Japanese Azuma bullet trains, Brave Spark jumped at the opportunity to get involved. And so, in a partnership that would culminate a ride in the shiny first-class  and standard carriage of the new Azuma, we prepped ourselves to raise awareness and spark excitement about the launch.

The proposal was to create an interactive web experience that would allow users to explore the new train at their leisure.

Starting  with  a teaser  film, followed by cut-downs we would drive users  from LNER social platforms to our interactive microsite.  The  microsite was designed to engage users by giving them  choices on screen, that would allow them to select their own user journey and view videos that were relevant to them.

The sleek and dynamic page was designed mobile first with a seamless UX in mind. By using glossy images and neat animations, we were able to  create an impressionable page that would reflect that of the new train, and be easily accessible via the main LNER website.

Our films focussed on four key themes: First class, Standard, Smoother Journey and Azuma Story. This required us to highlight the key features and benefits for each, while telling an authentic story in the brand voice.  We approached this with a docu-style shoot, using voice over to narrate the story.

How did we ensure the VO was authentic?

We worked with the LNER staff directly, creating soundbites from our record interviews. Our aim was to capture the passion and dedication they had toward their roles, while highlighting the key features of the train.

How did we shoot the footage?

We filmed Hitachi depot, where the trains are handmade and on a moving train where we were able to capture real life moments of the LNER and Hitachi staff as they went about their daily jobs. This combined with ambiguous shots to tease the audience and close-ups of the key features, made for the perfect snappy and fast paced edit, that represented the modern, fast and smooth train.

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