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Evade catastrophe in Brave Spark's immersive, digital experience with Batman Vs Superman and JEEP

We teamed up with  up Initials to generate excitement around JEEP's partnership with one of  the most hotly anticipated films of the year.

So where to start?

Well, our aim was to develop an innovative, attention-grabbing, digital experience to showcase the JEEP Renegade's capabilities. A piece of content that would work on all devices, across seven markets, and drive consumers into dealerships.

A huge technical challenge with a super powered response.

And so, we set about creating an edgy and immersive digital experience that invited users to choose their allegiance; Batman or Superman? The Blue Renegade or the Black?

The interactive experience Brave Spark developed enabled viewers to get behind the wheel of a Renegade and become a hero by evading an impending catastrophe:

“There isn't much time, we need to get out of here before the whole place falls apart. Find The Renegade”

Shooting the whole piece as a POV using a head rig; our DOP was able to play the part of the user's eyes for the purpose of the interactive game. The film was directed masterfully by the fantastic Nick Bye, who ensured a combination of high intensity action, whilst showcasing Jeep Renegade's impressive features.

Packed with interactive challenges, such as operating the gearstick to drive the car, and important decisions to drive each users' story; we combined piro, CG explosions, and styrofoam props to represent giant, combusting boulders. Brave Spark took all of this to a giant warehouse in Neasden which we intricately designed to recreate the look and feel of Gotham City.

But we weren't ready to stop there.

Brave Spark gave users the chance to continue the story in a live driving experience; Mission Renegade, at a central UK location. The experience comprised three days of epic UK driving experiences and thousands of test drives, as consumers were recruited to put the Renegade through its paces and locate the missing Batmobile.

The media picked up on the amazing experience, with over sixty million impressions; 173,000 unique users and over four thousand leads to buy in the UK alone.

Taking the film back to our internal post-house, we were able to paint each car digitally, to bring the experience to life.

This really was an epic experience for an epic partnership.

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