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The Challenge

A global provider of information and communications technology, Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) wanted to showcase some of the features, apps and functions on Huawei mobiles that provide innovative solutions that address customer needs.

In partnership with Qumin, the objective was to create a film that demonstrates their commitment to digital innovation in action.

The Idea

Shot entirely against a green screen, Brave Spark effortlessly blended live-action with digital assets to create a hyper-realistic world, in keeping with how Huawei is constantly at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Using motion control and clever camera work we were able to place our real-life actress in environments with a sense of depth and reality. We were really keen to film this with as many real props as possible, cramming in as many set changes as possible over the two days of filming.

The Result

The resulting film was a gorgeous mix of digital and real taking the viewer on an exciting journey through Huawei’s mobile services eco system.

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