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Hovis is one of the UK’s most loved brands. It has fed the nation through thick and thin over three centuries, two world wars, 33 prime ministers and 6 monarchs.

Brave Spark were ecstatic to partner with Initials in paying homage to an iconic part of British culture to promote their new Baker’s1886 range; a luxurious bakery-grade bread for the everyday consumer.

The Brief

At its heart, the brief was to find a route that connected the traditional world of the Hovis brand with the familiar moments that current audiences can relate to you. Our creative ambition was to immerse the viewer in the provenance of the brand, the love that goes into making the bread and the simple pleasures that they get from consuming it.

The challenge? Squeezing all that history, brand familiarity and love into a neat 20” spot.

The Execution

The film opens with a mouth-watering montage of a veteren Hovis baker kneading, seeding and baking our Baker’s1886 loaf. We leave our scene in the bakery via a match-cut to the familiar face of Tom Kerridge, enjoying a fully-loaded sarnie. A breaded delight so tasty that he has to keep it to himself.

The film is accompanied by a modern assembly of the classic Hovis soundtrack by Dvorak, delicately rebalancing the pace of the film. The cinematography is warm and inviting, creating a warm hue across the whole spot.

The Result

This advert reminds the audience of all the times that a Ploughman’s or a buttery bit of toast has made their day just a little bit better.

The film is fast, but doesn’t feel rushed. It tells our audience that best things in life need a little time to be enjoyed

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