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As a brand under new ownership, Hofmeister was going through a fresh reawakening. The new beer is the result of two entrepreneurs who were thirsty to create a lager to complement a surging craft beer market that was filled to the brim with IPAs, APAs, stouts - but was missing a really recognisable lager.

From the brand’s roots as a big name, low-cost lager in the 80s and 90s, the reimagined ‘Hof’ now sells some of the highest quality Helles lager on the market. It is adored by tastemakers across the beer community and has a stack of awards that keeps getting bigger.

The Challenge

Hofmeister’s issues were twofold. Firstly, shaking off the image of their drunker older brother while still holding on to their significant brand equity built up in the latter decades of the last century. Secondly, educating their audience on the high quality, Bavarian-brewed beer.

As a business, the company needed capital to ramp up growth so the purpose of this campaign was to drive awareness of their crowdfunding campaign. Hofmeister needed capital to continue to deliver growth for the business. The campaign that we delivered smashed the targets and took big steps to rebuild the perception of the brand.

The challenge was to combine a response to these two issues while simultaneously drawing the audience to the crowdfund and eliciting investment.

Our challenge was also compounded as we didn’t have a single-minded proposition to target. As a fantastic but infant brand, Hofmeister had lots to say to their audience.

The Idea

The solution comes in the form of a larger than life, anthropomorphic bear; George Hofmeister’s most notable piece of brand equity. George is advertising royalty and was a household name in the 80s and 90s - but for all the wrong reasons, something that we needed to address.

He became our vehicle for delivering numerous messaging touch points while being a recognisable and adaptable piece of the brand's history. It was essential that we captured this heritage, but reinvented it in a way that makes sense for modern Hofmeister. The new Hofmeister is a different beer in the 21st century, and George is a different bear.

The target audience for Hofmeister, largely men in their 30s-50s, has also undergone a similar transition in lifestyle; swapping the holidays in Magaluf with the lads, for camping in Cornwall with their wife and 2.4 children.

So, we set out to mature and refine George, shaking off the drunken escapades of his youth and demonstrating that he has grown up into a sophisticated, well-adjusted bear. In doing so, we orientate him to the brand and the target audience.

Our solution for Hofmeister takes a diffuse set of issues and factors and neatly aligns a changing brand, a changing beer and a changing audience.


Who better to tell us about the new reinvigorated Hof and crowdfunding campaign, than the bear himself?

In this film, we brought a 7ft animatronic bear on to a chat show for a 5 minute journey through George’s past, his new venture as a beer entrepreneur and the crowdfunding campaign.

Our affable chat show host guides us through the big questions: the changes in the brand and business, the new management and most importantly, is the beer any good? (clue, it is..)

We leave the film knowing who Hofmeister is now.

Brave Spark worked with MBA Stack to deliver a 6 minute hero film, supporting social assets and a bank of stills suitable to be repurposed for campaigns running beyond this particular creative.

The Result

Well, how did we do?

Hofmeister smashed their target of £600k funding in only two days. The interest didn’t stop there, to date Hofmeister has raised over £1.2m in funding.

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