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The Challenge

Over the past few years, as an agency, we have created 7 case study films for Hitachi that demonstrate how their innovations have provided technological solutions for societies and businesses across multiple sectors, and the positive outcomes for each.

Hitachi wanted to create a solution that would utilise all the previous case studies. The goal was to make the content engaging and innovative, to encourage our audience to explore the content, which in turn would increase dwell time and drive direct enquiries.

The Thought

We’ve created 7 Fantastic Case Studies. We wanted to reimagine where they are presented with the same spirit that drives Hitachi’s social innovation, embedded currently within an innovation page on the Hitachi site. What if we repurpose the existing case study content to create a new content discovery campaign microsite, where the content can be enjoyed in a traditional linear fashion or in an innovative, exploration style whereby the user can deep dive into the topics available.

The Idea

Create a world-class campaign microsite that celebrates discovery and innovation, with the eventual objective of driving enquiry.

The hub would house all of these beautiful videos and make them easily accessible. A campaign microsite where existing Hitachi content can be consumed through ‘lean forward interactions’.

As bitesize bits of information or more comprehensive long-form content, the user is in complete control in how they interact so they can get to what is important to them. Inside each video, users will be able to click different hotspots to read more information about the key feature being currently discussed. Included would be 3 x interactions cross 6 x videos.

A chapter jump feature allows users to jump to key points of the story, which clear CTA's encourage click through to enquiry or share on social. To drive engagement we used a full bleed autoplay background on the homepage and video autoplay upon hover on our navigation bar.

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