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Copenhagen's pioneering, driverless metro, with Hitachi

Brave Spark worked closely with Hitachi to showcase the style, innovation, and elaborate engineering behind Copenhagen's pioneering, driverless metro.

In this short film, combining powerful cinematic drone-shots of this beautiful city, Hitachi painted a dazzling picture of the emphasis on design value in Danish culture.

The film worked to shout about the big ideas and world-class engineering that propel Copenhagen to a place of international recognition in such a competitive field.

The trouble with Copenhagen, we soon realised, is that it's full to the brim with amazing architecture and design, and we wanted to capture all of it. Nevertheless, crazy filming schedules are Brave Spark's bread and butter - with such striking content to film, we leapt at the opportunity.

Our aim was to focus on Copenhagen's trains and infrastructure, whilst capturing the real people and real stories behind such incredible design.

Shooting a mixture of drone, ALEXA Mini and KOWA Anamorphic, we started with shots of the city, before moving on to the headquarters and maintenance centre for the trains. Our ambition here was to convey the personality of the people working at the centre of such incredible design, illustrating how this has propelled both the city and the lives of the people who live there.

What better way to tell this story than through the locals themselves? So, we tracked down some locals, interviewed them about an average day, and explored exactly how the Metro has changed their lives.

Importantly, we created a script for the film through these interviews, allowing this to tell the city's human story.

Alongside Hitachi, our journey to Copenhagen enabled us to capture the unrelenting power of innovative design as a method of bringing a city, driven by its people, closer together.

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