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Pioneering AI technology with Hitachi

In this documentary-style, case study film, Brave Spark’s mission was to showcase Hitachi’s pioneering AI technology in ship navigation.

This film had the dual purpose of unveiling of Hitachi’s AI technology, whilst offering a portrait of the unique way of life for the individuals that work with the programmes.

To achieve this, we cast our focus upon the personal stories of the crew, highlighting the dynamic nature of their work. We worked closely with Stena Line to establish these relationships from the offset.

Over a two day soot, filming around Gothenburg with an overnight voyage between Gothenburg and Kiel, we captured intimate scenes of the crew’s home lives and on board the ship. Shooting in Sweden in January meant one of our shoot days was spent huddled beneath the snow, but we’ll let that go as it was really rather beautiful.

The piece also captured the positive message of the ship’s captain – that AI isn’t to be feared and should be embraced.

Working with a combination of UK and local Swedish crew for the piece, we were definitely chuffed with the end result.

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