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The Brief

Working hand-in-hand Hiscox and media agency Jellyfish, we have delivered the most recent digital advertising campaign running across social, YouTube and display. The heart of the creative challenge was to drive greater brand awareness amongst a broad range of business owners, from accountants and management consultants to hairdressers and pilates coaches, about the need for insurance.

The Thought

Hiscox understands that no two days are the same for small business owners, and with a lot of pressure on their shoulders, they need an insurance policy which will evolve with them. With Hiscox, customers have access to a team of experts to support them, can pay monthly and have the option to cancel at any time. The new ‘We’ve Got You Covered’ campaign aims to demonstrate that Hiscox offers small business insurance for the big moments that matter.

The Idea

The core of the creative idea is a black canvas which is used to showcase the highs and lows experienced by small business owners, with each story layering on top of the next. Directed by award winning Dorothy Allen Pickard, all ads capture a series of intimate and emotive business moments in which 6 diverse business owners are seen striving, struggling and achieving. Shot in each businesses respective settings, all footage captured feels candid, authentic and high energy and incorporates a mix of different media including footage caught on CCTV, mobile devices and webcams.

At the heart of Brave Spark’s production approach was a modular and creative framework, allowing all creative deliverables to be easily customised based on a small business owner's stage in their purchase journey from awareness, consideration to getting a quote. In combination, this enabled the targeting strategy to reach small business owners in moments of growth with contextually relevant creative and messaging in order to build brand salience as experts in small business insurance.

The Result

The advertising campaign is currently live across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and display including bespoke placements such as WeTransfer and Gumtree.

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