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The challenge

Committed to helping Britain’s small businesses thrive, Hiscox has been experts in SME business insurance for over 100 years; whatever the area of specialism or size of their team and ambition, from those starting out to those who are growing.

As part of Hiscox’s continued commitment to supporting small businesses in Britain, Brave Spark partnered with Hiscox to create an unmissable content series that's focused, informed and meaningful.

The Idea

Following a series of collaborative workshops between Brave Spark, Hiscox and media agency Goostdstuff to understand the needs and pain points of tech-enabled businesses, graphic design businesses and management consultants, one clear and consistent human truth emerged.

That business owners are flooded with guidance from gurus, experts and brands. Most of which just adds to the noisiness of their day-to-day lives and can be skipped.

This common truth became the beginnings of a new content series committed to providing meaningful insight that could be quickly consumed and easily understood. Or in other words, unskippable content that helps SMEs to Skip the Bull.

Skipping The Bull

Focused on equipping business owners with the essentials a small business cannot do without, Unskippable sits at the heart of the digital-first content series developed by Brave Spark and Hiscox and directed by Bafta Award Winning Director, Michael J Ferns.

Featuring only a bull and a confident voice-over artist, the Unskippable content series was launched with an innovative 6s YouTube bumper ad which skips itself on behalf of users. It demonstrates Hiscox's ongoing commitment to help small business owners to Skip the Bull, getting straight to what they need to help their businesses to thrive, both now and in the future. A visually distinctive and personalised set of accompanying HTML banner ads were also used as traffic drivers to promote the new content series.

Unskippable Minute

Committed to producing highly personalised and targeted content, Hiscox have developed a 12-part ‘Unskippable Minute’ film series showcasing a diverse range of SME owners explaining their biggest lessons from years of experience in 60 seconds.

Featuring contributors from a diverse mix of businesses including It’s Nice That, Design My Night and Wirex, the series explores a spectrum of topics from the strength that comes from being vulnerable in business to the importance of finding a mentor. Bold graphical animations incorporated throughout each film help to accentuate the passion and purpose in which each contributor delivers their own unique lesson.

Hiscox Explains

Inspired by user insight suggesting insurance can feel complex and difficult to understand for many SME’s, ‘Hiscox Explains’ is another complementary 3-part content series that takes complex business and insurance terms and explains them in an easy to understand yet unconventional way.

Presented by an artisan barista, topiary enthusiast and theatrical actor, simple yet visually engaging scenes and metaphors are used as a parallel to explain terms such as Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance. In the spirit of helping small businesses to understand the crux of exactly what they need to know for the good of their business, each film employs a light hearted and down to earth tone.

The Result

The Hiscox Unskippable content series is a demonstration of Hiscox’s ongoing commitment to supporting Britain’s small businesses.

In only 3 weeks the total campaign had reached 55 million impressions across display and video, with the Unskippable Minute and Explains creative having a video completion rate as high as 45%. The 60" Explains EBITDA video reached an outstanding CTR of over 1.6% (ave   0.25% to 0.45)

The campaign runs until the end of January when full results will be consolidated.

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