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Alison Goldfrapp brings audiences her moon-worshipping themed directing debut, 'Systemagic'.

Internationally renowned artist, Alison Goldfrapp teamed up with Brave Spark in her directing debut, 'Systemagic', to bring audiences a visual explosion for their seventh studio album, ‘Silver Eye'.

Using Alexandro Jodorowsky's 1973 Mexican, surrealist fantasy film, The Holy Mountain, as the creative reference, our objective was to bring audiences an energetic, moon-worship-y tour de force.

The effect of 'Systemagic' would be achieved almost entirely through a combination of artful choreography and purposeful lighting, to achieve that ‘trippy', almost cult-like edge. So, working closely with our DOP, Sam Goldie to achieve this, we set about a lengthy development process to pin down the perfect lighting set-up and design.

With this in place, we worked closely with composer, choreographer and dancer, illyr and Alison, to perfect a ‘worship' themed choreography design, bold, dynamic movements with a driving cinematic edge. And so, we brought to life our group of moon-worshipers, taken over completely by the music.

We've all been there, no?

Filmed at Black Island Studios, we were able to create an imposing stage to home our moon-worshippers, and form the backdrop for a number of abstract vignettes, designed purposefully by Alison. These were used as cutaways from the choreography, including an imposing, silhouetted dancer with a rather impressive hawk.

Never the team to quit whilst we're ahead, we also decided to release thousands of ping-pong balls, to build upon the ‘trippy' essence we were creating. Obviously, it fell to our crew to run around frantically relocating the balls before re-setting, each time the scene cut.

With such striking visuals, this cult-themed, energetic short about moon-worship is definitely one of our favourite and more distinct projects to date.

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