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Golden Syrup




The Challenge

Although Lyle's Golden Syrup tins are iconic, not many people knew about its new squeezy bottles. Brave Spark was tasked with creating a set of social films that showcased the quintessential British baking product in its squeezy form.

The Thought

To reach the existing and potential shoppers during the busy Christmas period, and convince them through engaging digital content that Lyle's Golden Syrup was the syrup for them, the purpose of the films would aim to remind audiences of the broad applications of Golden Syrup and the vast array of baking situations that it is suitable for.

The Idea

The team took to the kitchen to film a group of influencers working through a range of recipes that all used the sugary accompaniment as a centre of their baked goods.

To capture all the action, Brave Spark employed the use of a 3 camera set up to ensure maximum coverage so that no stirring, pouring or whipping would be missed. Finally, we used a touch of slow-motion to really bring out the mouth-watering properties of the syrup.

The hunger-inducing hero film and cutdown's incorporated on-screen copy graphics that interacted with the product, creating a picture that was much more visually stimulating.

The Result

'There's Joy in Every...' tapped into the real reasons of baking, inspiring audiences with a range of delicious Lyle's Golden Syrup recipes that were all a joy to create. Successfully driving awareness with a unique reach of 10.3M for the social branded content made the campaign, not just a joyful result but also a joyful experience.

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