Christmas Day Maverick






Scuba Diving cameramen and ice diving for Glenfiddich

Here's to those who do things differently - a salute to real people, grabbing the world by the balls. Brave Spark's social film for Glenfiddich took to Loch Lomond in Scotland, to meet its inhabitants, and the frosty elements.

After hour-long phone calls with our free swimmers, sourced tirelessly after extensive research across a number of social platforms, Brave Spark realised that our contributor's words and passion for their sport was so infectious that the need for a script was entirely eliminated. The VO was taken directly from these interviews - warm, relatable and inspiring:

“You hear people asking, ‘do they have something wrong with them?' Probably…”

Filmed across land, air and water, the docu-style nature of this stripped-back short enabled us to capture the raw and honest courage of our participants. The grey colour-scheme stood out in stark contrast to our participants' drive and tenacity.

So, next came the tricky part, the necessity (we were assured) of plunging an eye-wateringly pricey ALEXA Mini camera into the depths of the loch, in order to capture the moment our free swimmers hit the water.

What could go wrong?

Brave Spark's handymen got to work, creating an air-tight, loch-proof container for the camera…and, after extensive checks, we were set! Ready, steady, Dive.

We love this film for Glenfiddich. Not only did the chilly shoot end with a bottle of the goodstuff all-round, but the end result is a visually striking film about story-telling, about bravery, and about real people

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