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Barry Kimber

In partnership with marketing agency Initials, Brave Spark created a comedic campaign to raise brand awareness for Galbani in 2019 and a remake of the ident's in 2020 following the previous years' success.

The challenge

To raise brand awareness for the Italian cheese manufacturer Galbani and Brave Spark produced a series of engaging idents that would align with the light-hearted tone of Come Dine with Me on Channel 4 and could be delivered within 4 weeks.

The Thought

Considering brand research indicating consumers sometimes struggle to remember the Galbani brand name inspired the playful approach, designed to link to both the partnership and audience insight in a clever, highly engaging way.

The Idea

A comedic campaign which captured the tone of Come Dine with Me through spoofing and humour. The creative, masterfully developed by Initials, was based around the ceaseless mispronunciations of the brand name, which was loosely tied to the concept of regional accents. The spoof of the show was completed by a VO artist who mimicked the voice of the legendary Dave Lamb.

With four weeks between sign off and delivery, our dedicated team worked around the clock to bring a light-hearted and engaging series of idents, to raise awareness of Galbani with a prime spot either side of the Channel 4 show.

The Result

The success of the previous years' campaign saw the remake of the icon ads in 2020. Director Barry Kimber ensured the campaign remained as comedically engaging as the first, continuing the brands' partnership for another year.

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