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How do multiple tourist boards drive engagement in one campaign?

We worked with My American Holiday to partner with 11 USA tourist boards. The goal was to create an educational platform that manifested an urgency to travel amongst its users, with the aim of driving incremental sales.

Not only did we need to demonstrate the diversity of the USA but we wanted to inspire twin destination trips and holidays to lesser known destinations.

To create this level of intrigue and FOMO (fear of missing out) we built an interactive platform that dropped people into a mystery location in the USA. Users were encouraged to explore their surroundings using Google maps technology and were then presented with a series of clues, before guessing where they were.

The gamified experience combined with data capture, gave users the chance of winning a holiday to the USA.

The platform launched with 11 key locations across Florida, Illinois, Chicago and Louisiana with it's modular design allowing for expansion.

The links were shared across social media to target audiences.

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