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Funway Holidays called upon Brave Spark's expertise with a clear objective

Promote Florida Beaches as a destination, educate and inspire travel agents on this location, encourage them to book through Funway, and finally - cross-sell Florida Beaches Destinations.

The diversity of Florida Beaches was key to inspiring agents to up-sell and cross-sell to customers

With this in mind, we needed to make key information engaging for agents, enabling them to retain it and lean on this knowledge when it matters most. Our solution was to create a fun, interactive map of Florida that would sit on a microsite, through which agents could unlock location specific quizzes and prizes.

The interactive map was designed to highlight all participating partner locations, overplayed on a sleek background video of a beach. How it works: Agents land on the site and select the location they want to ‘unlock’, before making their way through the location specific ‘training’.

This includes up-sell and cross-sell tips. Once Agents have engaged with the learning, they are able to complete a quiz to test their knowledge, ultimately unlocking the destination. Once users unlock all 8 destination they will be entered into a prize draw.

To engage the end customer we also created a customer facing version of the location quiz, removing agent specific elements. This meant agents had the option to tailor the platform with their business logo, creating a shareable link from their individual profile. The benefit of this was an adaptable platform that could be seamlessly paired with promotional posts and any relevant messaging.

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