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At Brave Spark we don't do things by halves, and when it came to raising awareness around the issue of male cancer, this was no exception.

So, what did we do? Well naturally, we teamed up with Fiat UK, Initials and the man himself, Samuel L Jackson, to get this message in front of a wider audience, optimising awareness around this issue across the UK.

The aim of the campaign was to get men talking about the topic, so we took the theme of 'conversation' to a relatable format, the front seat of a car - two mates out for a drive. With a candid, conversational tone, we aimed to highlight the ease with which conversations about men, about cancer and about remaining vigilant to this, can be had.

Did we mention that our driver and passenger had no idea that our mate Samuel L .Jackson would be greeting them from the comfort of their car? Nothing like capturing a real moment of surprise.

The film was promoted further across social platforms with the hashtag, #DrivingConversations.

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