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Brave Spark joins forces with Ella Eyre in a live launch event for the Fiat 500

We teamed up with Initials and brought in British singer and songwriter Ella Eyre to perform a specially remastered version of The Emotions' classic, “Best of My Love". But this was a performance with a difference…

Filmed, edited and delivered in less than twelve hours, the Brave Spark team was tested to the limit. But we're always up for a good challenge! Especially when they involve giant vinyl record players.

Bringing in an expert team of technicians, we worked to create a specially constructed circular track, masterfully developed to resemble a giant vinyl record player.

The track was created with a series of trigger points embedded within it – the Fiat 500's movement across the course, triggering the music track, which formed the backing of Miss Eyre's live performance.

And we didn't stop there.

You guessed it, we brought in the drones. To portray the sense of occasion around the launch, we wanted to capture Tower Bridge and our live event space from the sky. No mean feat in a restricted area, so a lengthy permissions process ensued to make our vision a reality.

Add to that some stylish stills photography, as well as interviews with the lady of the hour, Ella Eyre herself; we brought the launch of this iconic vehicle to life with tenacity, forward-thinking and some clever technical skills.

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