'Savour the Moment'


Ferrero Rocher




Laura Borgio

The Challenge

To create a set of four distinct 15” online films for Ferrero Rocher that put the narrative of the story first, and the product in a close second.

The Thoughts

The concept ‘Savour the Moment’ centred around the idea that we often consume the revered chocolate at important moments in our lives and we use Ferrero as an unspoken signal that we value that occasion

These films pivoted away from the traditional Ferrero Rocher tone as the creative was designed to neatly sit between aspirational and premium but also attainable; a new direction for the brand and noticeably distinct from the dated days of The Ambassador.

The Idea

The purpose of this creative was to align more closely with the perceptible realities of their customer base. Therefore these films focused on genuine moments between people in recognisable situations and emotions that the audience can relate to; birthdays, announcements, first loves and moments worth taking the time to enjoy.

Within each scenario we wove a golden thread where by the pralines play an integral, convivial and considered role. By using a style that focused around handheld camera movements she put the audience in the room. All the sets were based in homes to give that added personal feel.

The Result

The campaign is a true celebration but also a heart warming reminder to saver the important moments in life, acheived by using a style that focused around handheld camera movements that put the audience in the room. The campaign was across VOD for 6 months on both ITV and Channel 4 with supporting social activity and pre-roll.

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