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Synesthesia Pods and flavour explosions for Ella’s Kitchen.

Ella’s Kitchen take a ‘kids first’ approach to making tasty, natural, 100% organic food for babies and kids. What does that mean? Always looking at the world through the eyes of a small human of course; constantly questioning what this size of person would like to see, feel, smell, hear and taste.

This is the message Brave Spark took away with them to create this social video for the Ella's Kitchen team; a sensory overload of colour, music and close-up, to take their social platforms by storm.

This distinct social experience captured Ella's Kitchen's very own 'Synesthesia pod' in all its glorious action. You heard correctly. How better to evoke the intense flavour experiences that babies experience hundreds of times a day; a world full to the brim with surprise and delight, than to recreate it in pod form?

Throw in a group of adults; an explosion of bold colour palettes; extreme facial close-ups and a mash of high-energy backing tracks…

…And you have Ella’s Kitchen in all its glory. Strawberry anyone?

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