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This is what it looks like testing Elastoplast's durability with England Rugby Captain, Lewis Moody

Did you know that the first bank holiday in May is peak plaster season? Why? Because everyone takes time off in May to do DIY....obviously. To celebrate the seasonal highlight and durability, toughness and weather-resistance of Elastoplast plasters, we roped in England Rugby Captain, Lewis Moody and instructed him to take on a series of DIY challenges in particularly extreme conditions…

First order of shoot day, secure an Elastoplast plaster to Lewis' thumb, before attaching him to a bungee cord. From here, we instructed him to tile a wall, 20ft away. Did we mention it was also raining torrentially at the time?

We added a smattering of VFX to this adrenaline fuelled, high-octane film to add pace, energy and power, and really bring it to life.

Lewis is one tough cookie – and so is Elastoplast, overcoming the odds and remaining securely on the England rugby captain's thumb throughout.

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