Wine from the Devil’s cellar






The Challenge

To deliver a campaign that would raise awareness of the Casillero del Diablo, a bestselling wine brand, amongst wine drinkers as well as increase positive brand perceptions and drive purchase intent. The brand also had an existing sponsorship with Sky and although the sponsorship was performing strongly for Casillero, we needed to refresh existing idents to continue to gain cut through in such a competitive market!

Brave Spark were tasked with creating a new suite of idents as part of the brand’s sponsorship with Sky. The goal was to utilise the existing brand story from the previous 2018/19 idents and repurpose the video assets from a new global TV advert.

The Idea

We began by utilising the current brand tagline and narrative: Wine from the Devil’s cellar to create a sense of drama and build a narrative. We then took Casillero’s existing content and repurposed it to create a whole new set of idents for Sky Cinema Channels and partners with 4 different product versions.

The Result

The 164 idents to run for one year between 2019-2020 across Sky branded and partner channels including Sony and Movies24.

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