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Michael Ferns

With the rapid growing success of Trivento’s wines in 2019, Trivento had an ambition to create a distinctively bold brand campaign that would continue to drive awareness and engagement throughout 2020 and beyond.

The Challenge

Aligned with their partnership with the Discovery Channel, Trivento engaged Brave Spark to deliver a TVC and digital ad campaign that would encourage consumers to share and celebrate ‘Real Life Bold Discoveries’ in their everyday lives.

The Thought

A Bold Discovery means taking a step into the unknown so it can mean different things to different people. From learning a new skill to an adventure into the wild, discoveries unite us.

By encouraging consumers to discover something for themselves, about themselves, a deepen emotional connection with consumers could be created, as well as foster a collective sense of belonging amongst them.

The Idea

To showcase the intimate and personal nature of everyday Bold Discoveries, Brave Spark created a TVC and idents series featuring a rich tapestry of discoveries told by the target audience caught in moments of discovery. All stories are grounded in reality, showcasing real people chasing their own personal goals

To kick start the campaign back in 2019, Brave Spark also supported Trivento with the launch of an online social competition encouraging people to share their own personal ‘Bold Discovery’ for a chance to have their story made into a short film and to win a trip to Argentina, the home of Trivento.

Trivento is a bold wine brand for those with a bold adventurous spirit and a taste for self-discovery.

This is Brave Spark’s latest work with Trivento that establishes them as the wine brand who encourage everyday people to discover ways to step outside their comfort zone. It's a brilliant reminder that we all have what it takes to step into the unknown, no matter how big or small.

A sponsorship campaign and TVC grounded in reality - not idyllic scenes of sunny and unrealistic activities, but real people battling stormy weather or their own limitations to try something new.

The Result

8 unique and bold idents designed to appeal to our audience, aired for 1 year on Discovery, DMAX, Quest and VoD platform DPLAY.

The idents running throughout 2020, managed to achieve 40% of its planned TVR's in only the first 22% of the campaign (across 1 year period).

A hero TVC that would be aired across ITV, C4 and Sky linear and VOD channels for just over 1 month. The TVC over-delivered reach with 71.5% @ 7 OTS and was able to regain SOV across the campaign air dates, VoD also exceeded the number of planned impressions.

The ambition was to create a distinctively bold brand campaign that would continue to drive success for 2020 and beyond! Bold Discovery’s has just done that, [winning The Grocers Best Campaign in the wine Category 2020] (

Pretty Johl, Marketing Manager at Concha y Toro - “We wanted to celebrate people’s discoveries and boldness, whether big or small, and encourage them to share their experiences with others, capturing eight examples across a diverse group of people and their discoveries, which reflect the much wider audience group.”

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