Working with Canon, our aim was to develop a beautifully functional interactive digital experience (or game) for anyone interested in photography (or, in fact anyone with a phone) - to capture the ‘perfect shot'. The user is challenged to take five well-composed images from a series of videos, aiming at perfect timing, focus and composition.

The underlying objective from Canon was data capture; to learn about the Canon customer base, and formulate a better understanding of the sort of customer Canon might expect to be purchasing their latest camera.

With our Interactive team primed and ready; Brave Spark began designing the user journey. This involved developing the technical aspects for how both the game, and the data capture would work; whilst finessing our approach to deliver an interactive digital experience that users would want to naturally engage with.


The vital element here was developing a technically-specific process that was entirely accessible to the client, which we achieved through the use of jargon-free language. Our team worked behind the scenes over a number of months; researching and sourcing stock videos that would work for each of the categories, perfecting the sound design and testing the experience across multiple platforms, to ensure the final experience was as seamless and engaging as possible.

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