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The Brief

As part of Cancer Research UK’s ambition to continue to reach new audiences and encourage them to find out more about the organisation's progress towards beating cancer, the charity has partnered with the Science Museum Group on a new, world-first exhibition.

MSQ content production agency Brave Spark were tasked with creating both a compelling digital experience that could be featured at the exit to the exhibition, and an online platform that could reach audiences beyond it, to demonstrate the positive progress being made every day by researchers, and to encourage visitors and supporters to take action to help beat cancer from signing up to donating.

The Idea

[The Wall of Progress] (

To develop a highly accessible, inclusive, and inspirational digital experience at the end of the exhibition, MSQ designed and built [The Wall of Progress] ( The wall, made up of static and animated branded assets showcasing research milestones and statistics, is a real demonstration of the impact of continued research and supporter action.

Striking statistics such as Cancer Research UK has, over the past 40 years, helped double breast cancer survival. As users explore the carefully curated progress content, they are invited to play their part to help beat cancer by signing up to hear more from Cancer Research UK or to share what they’ve learnt with family and friends.

[Explore the research projects] (

Beyond the exhibition, MSQ have also designed and built a rich digital experience in which the general public can explore Cancer Research UK’s life-saving research projects.

[The 3D virtual experience] ( aims to showcase the researchers behind projects featured in the exhibition, including their successes to date, patient stories and future ambitions. Like how Professor Robert Insall’s miniature replicas of Hampton Court Maze helped shine a light on how cancer cells spread, or how Sigourney Bell is developing new treatments for childhood brain tumours. To help ensure the research felt relatable and inclusive to the general public, each project is set in its own photorealistic 180 degree environment with clickable hotspots to guide the user through the scientific content.

The Result

Cancer Revolution: Science, innovation and hope is now open to the public, starting at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester from October 2021 until March 2022, and then touring to the Science Museum in London from early summer 2022.

Both the Wall of Progress and 3D immersive research projects are a real demonstration that it will take everyone, researchers and supporters alike, to play their part to help beat cancer. The launch of the new digital experiences is part of MSQ’s ongoing commitment with Cancer Research UK to continue to amplify the charity’s digital presence to encourage continued supporter engagement and action.

[Discover the wall of progress here] ( and [explore the research projects here.] (

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