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AstraZeneca are entering a new era in drug discovery by unveiling the world’s most advanced drug discovery robot.

Taking to the lab, Brave Spark combined extreme close-ups of these incredible robots in action for a B2B film for the company’s social channels and website; working closely beside the scientists they share their workspace with.

Our aim through this was to address the key message of the film;  unlike other robots on the market, the NiCoLA-B can work safely beside scientists, enabling a collaborative and entirely innovative work process; an astronomical advance in medical research for modern science.

So how to make such an advanced piece of kit and the benefits it will provide, as accessible as possible?

In a series of slick, clean shots we aimed to both highlight the sophisticated nature behind the design, whilst interviewing the scientists that this technology will most immediately affect. Collating these interviews and their immediate thoughts on this new era of drug discovery; we were able to create an comprehensible, informative and relatable script to clarify the action on the screen and the key facts surrounding the world’s most advanced drug discovery robot.

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