Arlo Pro3 Floodlight Camera






Johnny Murgue & Patrick Killingbeck

The Challenge

Arlo, Europe’s number one security camera brand were ready to launch their brand new Pro 3 Floodlight Camera across EMEA. Looking to create a brand film to support the launch and a product film to capture the key features, the objective was to demonstrate that the Pro 3 Floodlight Camera gives users the confidence that their homes are protected by the powerful light, anytime and anywhere.

Central to the creative brief was the need to demonstrate the product in action by showing, not telling and to create content flexible enough to be used across a diverse mix of media channels and EMEA regions.

The Idea

In the true spirit of putting the Pro 3 Floodlight Camera through its paces, our creative vision required a car racetrack, a professional racing driver and nightfall.

Rigging the iconic Goodwood Racecourse with the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlights, one of Britain’s leading young drivers, Jamie Chadwick, was carefully selected to road test the versatility, brightness, and motion detection speeds of the floodlight camera in action. Completing the 3.8km drive in total darkness with nothing but the strategically placed Pro 3 Floodlight cameras to trigger and illuminate the way.

Directed by Johnny Murgue and Patrick Killingbeck, the film opens on an empty racetrack in the dead of night and the sound design lets us know there is no one about. We see Jamie dressed head to toe in race gear walking down a dark corridor at the back of the pits. Once she fires up the engine and extinguishes the headlights, Jamie drives full speed into the darkness and the film cuts between footage of the car racing around the track at full speed and the Pro 3 Floodlight triggering on.

Each corner, bend and straight is covered by carefully positioned Pro 3’s, lighting up the track as Jamie pushes the car to its limits. Thanks to the Pro 3 Floodlight Cameras innovative detection capabilities, each motion sensor was triggered as the AI technology identified the approaching car and the LEDs automatically activated to create a beautiful pathway to see Jamie safely round the course.

The car footage was filmed with a series of different rigs including high-speed drones to capture it from the air, onboard camera and trackside, along with a tracking vehicle.

The Result

The result is a sleek, premium and cinematic hero film demonstrating the Arlo Pro 3 in action, conveying the confidence and peace of mind the product provides. The hero film was released alongside a product film and a series of stills in Arlo’s first full product campaign. Arlo is a pioneer in the world of smart security and this film shows just how powerful the floodlight camera is and how effective it can be at delivering a powerful shield of light to protect any property.

Tegan Jolly, Brand Comms and Product Marketing Manager at Arlo:

"The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight is the world's first 100% wire-free floodlight meaning it can be installed to shine its powerful light virtually anywhere. Brave Spark’s idea to put it to the ultimate test on the unlit Goodwood racetrack perfectly illustrates the device's reaction speeds, illumination power and versatility and the final film flawlessly brings our ambitions to life in style. We are thrilled to be releasing this bold video as part of our launch campaign to show just how effective the floodlight can be at delivering a powerful shield of light to protect any property.”

Directors Cut

With every corner, bend and straight covered, capturing a variety of dynamic shots, the Brave Spark team worked with each director to build two additional hero films that champion the Arlo Pro3 their own way. The result? Two exhilarating edits, balancing the high-octane footage with stunning cinematography Johnny Murgue and Patrick Killingbeck moulded the script in a way that tells the same story and delivering the same message but set in their own mood and tone.

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