‘Arlo Outside, Secure Inside’





Chris Cairns

The Challenge

Arlo is an AI powered security system of cameras, doorbells and floodlights that allows customers to watch over their homes, anytime, from anywhere. As it can take less than a minute for a burglar to break into a home, Arlo not only allows customers to physically protect their homes but provides them with greater peace of mind and greater control to respond to incidents in real time.

With an ambition to become the brand of choice in the smart home security category, Arlo briefed creative production agency Brave Spark to create a consistent and modular set of brand and product films that could be used across TV, VOD, ecommerce and social channels in 7 European markets.

The core objective of the content was to drive greater brand awareness and consideration by clearly communicating who Arlo are and what they offer.

The Thought

Critical to the delivery of the campaign in such a competitive market was a need to communicate two key objectives in a distinctive and ownable way. The first was a need to leverage Arlo’s security heritage as a key point of differentiation. Arlo is a security first company and they wanted to challenge customers to consider why they would trust their security with the more technology driven competitors. The second was a need to demonstrate that Arlo is more than just a camera, moving from a product to more of a service driven marketing approach with an ecosystem of SMART products.

As revealed by social listening data, one common truth shared by Arlo’s target audience is a fear of the worst happening. Despite this, most people assume the worst won’t happen to them and as a result, put off investing in their home's security until it is too late. A key challenge for any new content created was the need to directly address this complacency.

To achieve this we devised a consistent storytelling formula across all films that included: 1. Defining a clear problem to establish an immediate user need. 2. Positioning the brand / product as the resolution to the tension created. 3. Reiterating both rational and emotional benefits including greater home security and peace of mind.

The Idea

Arlo Outside, Secure Inside is the creative sign off used across all films used to consistently demonstrate Arlo is a shield of protection. Delivering a direct message that any property with an Arlo outside is protected by best in class security technologies to help customers feel both physically and mentally secure in their homes.

Directed by Chris Cairns, the six ownable brand and product led films play out as a single shot featuring the Arlo Ultra 2 Camera, Pro 3 Floodlight, Wireless Doorbell and Essential Indoor Camera. Each film opens with a high tension scene from a close up of a ticking clock to a bloodshot eye coupled with startling home security facts.

Leveraging visual and sonic tropes of burglaries to engender feelings of initial discomfort and fear, the tense atmosphere of the opening scenes are used to convince the viewer the worst is about to happen, before pulling back to reveal everyday domestic scenes. As the camera steadily tracks back, sound design and lightning continue to heighten the tension before suddenly revealing people enjoying their safety, all under the watchful eye of Arlo products. The use of motion control and a purpose built set allowed for highly choreographed and unexpected product reveals through door locks and windows to consistently execute the Arlo Outside, Secure Inside message across all films.

Accompanying the brand and product films, Simon Ross directed a VFX effects led film to help explain the benefits of Arlo smart security service. The film centres around an everyday family scene in which they secure their house when they leave in the morning and monitor it from a distance whilst they are away. Detailed VFX are used throughout the film to lift the lid on the hardware, showcasing the power that not only lies within each Arlo product but how they form part of a bigger smart, connected ecosystem.

The Result

In total Brave Spark were able to produce over 400 content deliverables across 7 sets of creative and in 7 languages. This created a diverse bank of assets Arlo can continue to utilise and optimise across key European markets.

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