Pixie Lott – Won't Forget You




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Super smooth steadicam technology, sharp styling and some epic dance moves for Pixie Lott's, Won't Forget You

Creative Director Patrick Killingbeck and Brave Spark joined creative forces to take Pixie Lott's latest music video, Won't Forget You, by storm.

Using intricate steadicam technology, Brave Spark's vision was to encompass the high energy and pace of the track, and enforce this with steadicam's sense of perpetual motion to create a one-shot feel video with minimal cuts.

Easier said than done!

Use of steadicam calls for continuity, continuity, continuity! Each moment, from individual dance moves to styling, art direction and facial expression had to be unwaveringly spot-on as each new scene recommenced. Our perfectionist caps were firmly on.

Combining sharp styling, dazzling monochromes, eye-catching pastels, ancient busts and Scandi furnishing, Pixie Lott's 'Won't Forget You' grabs the attention of its viewers with tenacity, confidence and some down right impressive dance moves (and all in bare feet!)

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